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About Johan Witt

SWS_Hipjointsurgery_044Welcome to Hip Joint Surgery. Founded by Johan Witt, a renowned Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon,  Hip Joint Surgery offers an unparalleled and expert insight into joint replacement and joint preservation procedures.

Hip Joint Surgery provides information about hip  joint replacement procedures, as well as explanations into the various procedures that allow for preservation of the hip as opposed to joint replacement.

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Johan’s specialty covers all areas of hip surgery, from joint preservation procedures to replacement and revision hip surgery. Johan has published various articles in the past covering an array of subject matter, all of which you can find at pubmed.com. For the ways in which you can contact Johan, or to learn more about the surgeon, click here

He reviews for the journal of Bone and Joint Surgery and International Orthopaedics and runs annual courses on the techniques of hip joint preservation surgery. He is also an invited faculty member for national and international meetings.

“I’m really pleased I had the operation it’s still early days really, but am very pleased with the outcome so far. And I’m very proud of my scar it’s amazing and only 9 1/2 cm’s long. I would recommend this to anyone and especially recommend Mr Witt."

Su Cubitt